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"It's ya boy, Diablo, back with another episode of How to Run the Shadows"
Player [1]
Metatype Ork (Oni)
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards N/A
D.O.B. June 19th 2059
Folder [2]
Metatype - B
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - D
Skills - B
Resources - E

Character Information


A red skinned oni, and social media star. In order to hide his identity, Diablo dons a mask in the likeness of his metavariant's namesake. He specializes in getting in sneaky, doing physical overwatch, and shooting when need be.


To increase his P-Score

To frag over the corps

To have a good time


Born to mid level Horizon execs in the CFS, Diablo was always fascinated by the shadows. After gaining a modest MeFeed following, he landed a gig in a (very tone deaf) Horizon reality Trid called Badass Nightmare In America 3000 about the life of a shdowrunner team. This of course had always been his dream. When his set was hit and he was kidnapped by an actual runner team, his eyes were opened to the realities of the shadows. His parents, deciding him to be a liability, abandoned him to the clutches of the runners who had taken him. Seeing that they wouldn't be getting money from his parents, they trained Diablo in the arts of stealth and marksmanship. Eventually, his team was killed by an Aztehnology strike force after a job gone bad, and he was left to wander the shadows. From then on, he swore that he would make a name for himself showing the masses that the shadows were nothing like what they saw on the Trid.

Narrative Significant Qualities

Online Fame - Diablo's streaming of his shadowrunning exploits and his previous work at Horizon has garnered him considerable social media popularity.

Alpha Junkie - How can one make an interesting episode if someone else is telling you what to do. Creative license, people.

Practice, Practice, Practice: Sneaking - When you become a celebrity, sneaking away from crowds of fans is an important life skill.

Sharpshooter - What would the fans say if he just went centre of mass?

Signature - All space is advertising space.

Run History

Polling Places [[3]] The Bleeding Edge of Progress [[4]]



  • King Midas - Connection 6, Loyalty 1 - Fixer
  • Stockpile - Connection 6, Loyalty 1 - Infobroker
  • Movran le Mael - Connection 6, Loyalty 1 - Alchemist
  • Norwegian - Connection 6, Loyalty 1 - Smuggler
  • Sarge - Connection 5, Loyalty 2 - Arms Dealer




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

An RFID tag with a link to his P2.1 profile

Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table


John Rosenthal


Not very obvious since he's (almost) always in disguise. His most notable feature is of course his deep red skin, but under his mask you'll find polished horns and a handsome face. He's on the taller side of Orks, and more lithe than most of them. While his natural voice is deep and smooth, he usually has on his voice modulator, giving it a more guttural and (you guessed it) demonic tone.


Argentum coat, berwick suit, Ruthenium Polymer Cloak, red bracers (arms and legs), and his signature ballistic mask made in the likeness of a traditional Japanese Oni (so not actually that different than his own face)

Matrix Persona

Same as his real life outfit

Media Mentions

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