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Hardware and Software Dealer
Contact Owner NotB0b
Connection 4
Public Contact? Yes
Archetype Swag(Nerd)
Location Renton
Metatype Dwarf
Sex Female
Age 52
Preferred Payment Method Paydata/Software
Hobbies/Vice Coding, Marix Games/BTLs
Personal Life Ex Hacker
Faction Streets of Renton


DeC0de is ancient according to most hackers. She's been around longer than most hackers can remember. Veteran hackers treat her like a mother figure.

She used to be a Decker back in the day, but got out of that game before it geeked her. She took her nuyen and settled down, setting up shop dealing in bleeding edge software and hardware.

She is able to get her hands on all kinds of electronics, they all filter through her. Characters may use DeC0de for Black Market Pipeline.

Key Dice Pools

Electronics Group: 14

Forgery: 9

Negotiation: 12

Old Tech: 11

Stat Block

Bod Agi Rea Str Cha Int Log Wil Ess Edge
3 2 2 3 5 6 6 6 5.5 4
Condition Monitor 10 (Physical) 11 (Stun)
Limits Social: 8 Mental: 8 Physical: 4
Initiative 8+1d6
Skills Electronics Group 8, Forgery 3, Negotiation 7
Knowledge Skills BTLs 5, Data Havens 5, Matrix Games 5, Matrix Security 5, Old Jech 5, English N, Japanese 1
Ware Cyberears 1 0.2 Standard

Sound Link; Antennae; Antennae; Antennae; Select Sound Filter

Datajack 0.1 Standard

Gastric Neurostimulator 0.2 Standard

Weapons Defiance Ex Shocker

Armour Vest

Hermes Chariot (Array: 5 4 4 2)

Transys Avalon

GMC Bulldog Step-Van (Van)


Player Characters with this Contact

Name Chips Owed/Owned
Ronin Even
=SUM Even

NPC who know this contact

Facts about "DeC0de"
ArchetypeSwag(Nerd) +
Connection4 +
FactionStreets of Renton +
GenderFemale +
Has nameDeC0de +
LocationRenton +
MetatypeDwarf +
ProfessionHardware and Software Dealer +