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The Yakuza had opened up a Digital Derby, at the Club Equilibrium casino. AR horses are generated on the fly with randomized stats and then bet on. The system is finely balanced, so everyone gets a fair shot at winning or losing. This has caused Billy Calhoun's horse ranch to suffer great losses. Calhoun hires the runners to insert a virus into the Yakuza's system, that will expose a series of fake cheats and ruin the Digital Derby's credibility. Taking advantage of the Yakuza - Eighty eights' war, he put a signature on the virus that suggests the Eighty eights were behind this.


The meet took place at 9 circles.


The team used stealth and social skills to make their way their way into the mainframe room and insert the virus. And then used the power of their luck to bluff their way out, avoiding combat or any casualties


Despite being a legitimate and a very expensive system, the actions of the runner team stained the reputation of the Yakuza and their Digital Derby, with many patrons labeling it as the house blatantly cheating. The Yakuza fell for the trap of the fake digital imprint and will now direct their wrath at the Eighty eights.


26000 nuyen, 3 karma.

Player Characters

Snake Eye's

WFTP 3. -5 rep with Yakuza