D'Auriel Peirson

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D'Auriel Peirson
Smuggler {Shadow Services}
Contact Owner King_Blotto
Connection 4
Public Contact? Yes
Archetype Shadow Services
Location Tacoma, Seattle
Metatype Elf
Sex Male
Age 21
Preferred Payment Method Cash, "Favors"
Hobbies/Vice Partying, Racing, Trucks
Personal Life Wants to be a racer
Faction Streets of Tacoma


Smuggler who specializes in moving things through Puyallup, Salish Lands, and other stretches of rugged terrain. Prefers to drive a pickup truck and remain quiet if possible. Named after the heroine from Elven folklore, princess D'aurella. This folklore is based on a real the adventures of a real elven princess from the 4th world, the lost daughter of Alachia.

Never travels far from his pickup truck, "Thalisa". Named his truck after the legendary horse-shifter steed and traveling partner of princess D'aurella. The pilot program is customized to snort, snarl, and whinnie like a horse.

Has a ArmTech MGL-12 that he has named "Hellbringer" after princess D'aurella's Horror-Marked Power Focus.

Lives in a Trailer Park in East Tacoma.

Has a SIN as an independent scrapper/salvager working out of Puyallup.

Key Dice Pools

Pilot Ground Craft: 13-19

Gunnery: 12-20

Stealth: 8-19

Electronic Warfare (via Pilot Program): 7

Navigation (via Pilot Program): 7

Stat Block

B A R S W L I C Ess Edge Magic
3 2 6 2 5 5 5 3 3.88 3 None
Condition Monitor 10 Physical / 11 Stun
Limits 5 Physical, 7 Mental, 5 Social
Initiative 11+1d6, 10+5d6 (Hotsim)
Skills Pilot Ground (Wheeled) 7+2

Gunnery (Grenades) 7+2

Sneaking 6

Knowledge Skills English N

Sports (Racing) 7+2

Elven Folklore (4th World) 7+2

Smuggling Routes 6

Augmentations Used R1 Control Rig 32,250¥

Used R3 Antennae 1,125¥

Used Datajack 750¥

Used Gastric Neurostimulator 1,500¥

Control Rig Optimization 4,600¥

Gear 24 High Explosive Mini-Grenades 2,400¥

6 Sony Angel Comlinks 300¥

1 Psyche 200¥

Weapons Hellbringer (Mounted ArmTech MGL-12)
  • 5 Base Accuracy (8 with Smartlink+Control Rig)
  • Price included in "Thalisa"
Vehicles Thalisa (Modified Toyota Gopher) 93,175¥

& Software

Essy Motors DroneMaster
  • Price Included in "Thalisa"


Player Characters with this Contact

Name Chips Owed/Owned
Trash Panda Even

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