Cyber Knight

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Cyber Knight
Cybork Street Samurai Knight
Player Dusk
Metatype Ork
Awakened/Mundane Mundane
Street Cred 1
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
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Folder Chummer Career Folder

Out of Character Information


Basic Info

Cyber Knight is a very tall, very broad and very cybered up ork in an armored suit, carrying a bigass sword and a bow. Need I say more?


Drug fueled, FLR Ork street sam.

Appearance and Style

  • Meat: Cyber Knight is a very tall, very broad and very cybered up ork in an armored trench coat, carrying a bigass sword and a bow.
  • Astral form/sig: Screw the astral
  • Matrix persona: Black Knight.
  • Styles and symbols: Signature

CK Card.png



So what does a man do when he is born into a drek life, with no hope for a future? When each day in life is a trudge through all the waist deep shit and invisible hands pulling you down. Max was born SINless and grew up in poverty. His parents were refugees from CalFree back when it was the California Protectorate. People didn't take kindly to metahumans there. His father, a troll lived the live of a SINless rent-a-cop, while his mother, an ork was a former teacher at the People's University in Berkeley and spent her time teaching at a SINless school in the Redmond Barrens trying to feed Max and his three other siblings.

Growing up Max was fascinated by shows like Neil the Ork Barbarian, Knight Ryder, King R-thor & his knights of Neo-Camelot, etc. Max saw the plight and desperation of his fellow SINless, their lives slowly eaten away by drugs, crime and poverty. So Max took it upon himself, that while his brothers and sister would do their own thing, he would learn the blade and become the champion of the people. Taking out trash like gangers and criminal syndicates like a true chivalrous knight would. But, somewhere down the line he started asking himself what he would do to put food on his table? And so he started robbing from gangs and syndicates. Keeping some and giving some away to the poor. Several injuries and close calls with death have led to most of his body being replaced with cybernetics. It was only a matter of time before a fixer noticed his particular talents to cause pain and mayhem.

Significant Qualities and Traits

  • Winners do Drugs: Addiction (Kamikaze).
  • Built for the Streets: Biocompatibility (Cyberware), Cyber-Singularity Seeker, Quick Healer, Tough as Nails (Physical 3, Stun 1).
  • Master of Blade and Bow: Perfect Time, Sharpshooter, Strive for Perfection, Special modifications 2, Prototype materials.
  • Act first, Contemplate later: Poor Self Control (Thrill Seeker, Combat Monster), Shoot first don't ask questions.
  • Master-less Knight: Code of Honor (Akichita).
  • Not your average Street Samurai: Common Sense, Human Lifespan.

Notable Possessions



Run History



Name Connection Loyalty
King Midas 6 1
Dr. Henry Wallace 6 1
Jean Jacques Pierre 5 2
Miguel Rivera 2 1
Alexey Dorosov 5 2

In Character Information

Matrix Search Table

1 hit: Some comic book hero.

2 hits: A former underground cage fighter, with the name "Barrens Knight" who disappeared one day after he OHKO'd a dude.

3 hits: The champion of a lethal underground sword fighting tournament called "Seattle's Greatest Swordsman", sponsored by a delusional ex-Horizon executive.

4 hits: Video feed from Knight's viewpoint, grabbing a former Haven runner, Backtalk, by the collar and throwing him into the spinning blades of a helicopter.

Shadow Community Table

1 hit: Killed former Haven runner Sludge, and then kept a promise to the dying troll and avenged his death by killing the person who put out the contract. Backtalk, another former Haven runner.


  • Lance Kreuger; Rating 5 Fake SIN (UCAS)

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