Crime Mall

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The Crime Mall is a 3 story monument to Seattle's black market. With over 120 stores dedicated with illegal goods and a full food court, anything a runner needs can be found in its halls.


Build-A-Blade Workshop: A shop where one can build and customize their own knives and swords

Calypso's Caricatures

The Chopped Shop: Odds and ends of drones and vechiles for Riggers. Often road pizzaed ones.(edited)

The KRIME Experience: A showcase of KRIME tech

Buzzboy's Barbershop

H@kM3: Everything an aspiring Decker or Technomancer needs

Slitches: Female punk clothing store

Rigs R' Us: Rigger caccoons and vehicle upgrades

GEEK'D: Firearms shop

Mr. Mojo's: Magic shop

Comms4Less: Cheap/Used Commlinks shop

Bare Hands: Massage Parlor

Still Warm: Clothing store advertising cheap clothes from fresh bodies

Rox: Jewelry Store

Hi-Ex: Explosives shop

Unforseen Explosions: Alchemical Preparations

Big Fragging Guns: A gun store specialising in heavy weapons.

Radiation Nation: Radiation and environmental protection productions and sells plans for a radiation gun (brought via special modifications)

Hard Core Workout: Very unsafe Gym

Crime Mall Sushi: Who knew sushi from illegal fish could be so drek and barf inducing.


Seattle 2072, Page 127