Carly Reeves

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Carly "Cat" Reeves
News Reporter
Got a Story? I can find more.
Contact Owner SilithDark
Connection 4
Public Contact? Yes, Cost: 6 RVP
Archetype Shadow Services
Location Various Coffee Shops, Seattle
Metatype Human
Sex Female
Age Mid-Twenties
Preferred Payment Method Nuyen/Rumors
Hobbies/Vice Club Hopping
Personal Life Single and Looking
Faction KSAF


Carly Reeves, AKA "Cat", is a reporter for KSAF. But more than that, she's good at getting into - and out of - places where she shouldn't be in order to follow whatever story she's currently on the tail of.

Key Dice Pools

Locksmith (with Autopicker) 17[10], Sprawl Life (Street Rumors) 13(15)[5]

Stat Block

B A R S W L I C Ess Edge Magic
3 5 3 3 4 2 5 3 2.625 6 -
Condition Monitor 12/10
Limits Physical 4, Mental 5, Social 7
Initiative 8 +1d6
Skills Artisan 5 (Writing +2), Athletics Group 6 (Gymnastics, Running, Swimming), Con 6 (Fast Talking +2), Locksmith 6, Pistols 1
Knowledge Skills Law Enforcement Procedures 6, News 6 (UCAS +2), Security Design, Sprawl Life 8 (Street Rumors +2), English N
Ware Cyberarm (Obvious, Used) [Agility 5, Strength 3], Cyberleg (Obvious, Used) [Agility 5, Strength 3], Cybereyes (Used, Rating 2) [Image Link, Low-Light Vision, Smartlink, Thermographic Vision], Datajack (Used), Active Hardwire 6 (Locksmith), Tooth Compartment (Containing Laes)
Gear GearName w/ Accessories (Rating): (Quantity) GearName:
Weapons Remington Roomsweeper [Pistol, Acc 7, DV 7P, AP -1, SA, 8(m)] w/ Personalized Grip, Smartgun System Internal, (16x) Capsule Round (Pepper Punch), (16x) Stick-n-Shock
Vehicles Suzuki Mirage

Handling 5, Handling (Off-Road) 3, Speed 6, Acceleration 3, Body 5, Pilot 1, Sensor 2, Seating 1, Device Rating 1, Data Processing 1, Firewall 1

Condition Monitor: 12

Armor: 6

Vehicle Mods:

Chameleon Coating, Morphing License Plate


Player Characters with this Contact

Name Chips Owed/Owned
Chrome Even
Nighthawk Even
Mirage Even
Cambion Even
Trash Panda Even
Kitsune Even

NPC who know this contact

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