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Jeremy "Captain Boomerang" Jones
Digger Harkness (Nick E. Tarabay).png
Mystic Adept
Throwing Weapons Specialist
KurczdMadMan KurczdMadMan
Metatype Human
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. January 11th 2048
Folder [1]
Metatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - A
Skills - C
Resources - D

Character Information


Cold-blooded Mystic Adept with boomerangs and spells as backup.


  • Buy a boat
  • Buy an island
  • Live on the boat on the island where no corporation, mafioso, or anyone will ever bother him again


Captain Boomerang grew up in an area that was under "protection" from the mob. His parents ran a small franchise from Aztechnology, selling day-to-day necessities. Barely enough money was drummed up for them to live on, so when they, naturally, fell behind on their "protection" payments, the men came to visit the shop. Jeremy, as he was known back when, was about 12. and he decided he wasn't going to take it. He started grabbing objects and throwing them with uncanny precision. He injured two men before another managed to subdue him. He was beaten near to death, but one of the men, an adept himself, recognized the boy's awakening and natural talent. He trained the boy, eventually finding an odd affinity for boomerangs, leading to his new nickname. While Boomerang, also known as Boomer, was not willing to commit to the mafioso life, he helped out on odd jobs now and then. At first, he used the money to help out his parents now and then, but eventually he felt it would be better if they were separated from the world he was in now. He still helps out the mafia now and again, but primarily considers himself a shadowrunner. He took the moniker "Captain" Boomerang after being called Boomerang for a while and then discovering the 20th century character Captain Boomerang.

Narrative Significant Qualities

  • Creature of Comfort (Middle)
  • Reduced Sense (Hearing)
  • Insomnia (Basic): Since I was a kid, had trouble sleeping. I just deal with it now.

Run History

Growing DemenseDoomCoronation18 January 2081
Bad BloodDoomCoronation10 January 2081
A Taste of CorruptionDarklordiablo2 January 2081



Contact Connection Loyalty Archetype Profession Aspects Chips
Katherine Curran 6 1 Fixer Fixer Talismonger, Reagents, Foci, Assensing, Fencing, Hermetic Mage, Formulas Even
Amelie and Jean-Baptiste 4 3 Fixer(A,N,K,G) Infected Cabal Leaders Ghoul Royalty, Vampire, SK Kid, Drop Dead Gorgeous, Corporate Kid 1




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Threshold Result
1 hit Several pictures of an old comic book villain, also made into various flatvid and one more recent trid.
2 hits References to a Shadowhaven Runner account under the username Boomerang, with contact details.
3 hits Word of mouth accounts of a runner with a reputation for getting the job done, not always bloodlessly, but effectively.
4 hits References to boomerangs being used in several hits for the Italian mafia, many of them stemming as far back as the Seattle Mafia Civil War, including a blurry photo that may be a younger version of Captain Boomerang.
5+ hits Captain Boomerang is definitely Jeremy Johnson, son of Linda and Rene, who currently manage an Aztechnology owned shop located in Auburn. He is very clearly tied to the Italian mafia, although he does not appear to be an official member of said organization. He also does not appear to be in contact with his parents, who occasionally try to ask about him from patrons in their store they believe to be tied to the mafia or shadowrunning. You also locate a picture of Jeremy, about 25, wearing a cocktail dress.

Shadow Community Table

1 Hit Street Sam who favors throwing weapons, specifically boomerangs.
2 Hits Appears to have ties within the Italian mafia.
3 Hits Cold-hearted. Is known for being willing to take a wetwork job, no questions ask. Not to say he takes these jobs exclusively.
4+ Hits Mystic Adept who wields spells, 'nades and boomerangs, favoring the latter heavily. While he is capable of some infiltration, he tends to prefer a direct approach, which often means going loud with many objects flying through the air. However, he is known to work with the group that he has.


Jonathan Cordon, UCAS, Rating 4

  • Bodyguard License
  • Mage Licesnse


Boomer is dark haired, with similarly dark eyes. He tends to keep the hair cut close, almost military, but almost like he's leaving it just a touch longer to not be military. He tends to have a 5 o clock shadow. Ultimately, he doesn't stick out and he does't blend in either. Well, unless you see him dressed head to toe for a mission. A dozen boomerangs (and that's just the visible ones) tend to stick out in the mind.


When he is going about his day to day, he tends to wear very relaxed clothes, sporting his coat over the top to act as daily armor. He always carries his cane and a few boomerangs (hidden inside his coat).

When he is going somewhere especially dangerous he dons the Big Game armor (which he has died black) and helmet and a lot more boomerangs. When dressed like this, he often strongly resembles a comic book villain, as though he had planned out the appearance, although he has not, in fact, planned it to be this way.

Matrix Persona

He uses the (almost) default matrix icon as his matrix persona when forced to interact with the matrix. He once tried to change it to an image of Captain Boomerang, but ended up really messing up the sliders and wound up with a default person with abnormally large ears.

Media Mentions

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