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Adept Archer[Prime]
Player /u/SadSuspenders
Metatype Female Dwarf
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. June 12th 2046
Folder [1]
Sum to ten
Metatype - C
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - B
Skills - C
Resources - E

Character Information

Business card

CandleBC - Copy.png


Adept archer, with a side of face


Move on, have some fun, assorted IRM things, retire with a luxury lifestyle


Born in 2037 in Istanbul, her father died in the Euro Wars a month before, so she was raised by her mother. Times were tough in the now independent Constantinople for the both of them, and this was only made worse when Zahra began showing physical magic at age 12. Her mother tried to hide all this, but soon, their neighbor, Mr. Badem, a member of the Grey Wolves, noticed. He eventually kidnapped Zahra, and her SINless mother could do nothing to stop it.

Mr. Badem quickly broke the young girl, and began raising her as his own, both as a twisted father figure and a mentor. He saw in her a worthy addition towards his current stable of assassins under his employ, and trained her as such. On her 20th birthday, he had Zahra hunt down and kill a beggar woman, thus initiating her into the Wolves organization.

She spent the next 20 years as an assassin in and around Constantinople, taking pride in her work and never really questioning her superiors. Curious about her first kill, she eventually tracked down the Polis report about the beggar woman killed by her arrow, and discovered it was her own mother. Calmly, she walked back to Mr. Badem's office, and put an arrow through his head.

Even after disposing of the body, she expected his fate to eventually get out, and proceeded to head for unpoisoned waters, namely, Seattle. At what seemed like a crossroad in her life, Candle decided that being more selective with her targets would be a better way to spend her newfound freedom, and to maybe move into a profession where she could use her skills, but the goal was no longer solely the kill.

Narrative Significant Qualities

  • Mentor Spirit(Raven)

"Someone had to teach Cain how to bury and hide Abel."

  • Big Regret(Killed her mentor)

While no longer paining her, would probably not be great for her rep were it to get out

  • Code of Honor: Avenging Angel
  • Consummate Professional

Not the standard good and evil, and while will still ascribe to that, has a very Darwinist tone to who lives and who dies.

  • Did You Just Call Me Dumb?

Have to keep Raven happy

Run History


Former member of the Grey Wolves


  • Hyena - Connection 6, Loyalty 2 Fixer
  • Bonesaw - Connection 4, Loyalty 1 - Street Doc
  • N0v4 H0t - Connection 6, Loyalty 1 - Sprite services



Ares +2


In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table


  • Fatima Toprak- Rating 5 fake SIN (UCAS)


While average height for a dwarf, Candle is fairly bulky and muscular, but wears fairly conservative but still fairly expensive clothing to hide this. Her dark hair is usually collected into a messy bun up top, with a loose tail hanging past her shoulders, the end of it bearing the remnants of red dye. With her mentor's mask visible, her normally grey eyes go completely black, and her more rounded face takes on a much more angled avian appearance. A scar from car bomb shrapnel etches itself through the right side of her face and through her lip.


Her standard day wear is a Sleeping Tiger Suit, styled more for agility with pants rather than a skirt, and complemented by Synergist Business line coat, with her mentor's mask, they take on a much darker hue, and the tail end of the coat forms into black feathers.

Astral Appearance

Pretty much the same as her meat body, but her body is crisscrossed with swirls, lines, and other ritual scarring that glows brightly in the astral.

Mentor's Mask

Eyes take on a black glassy appearance, her face sharpens into a more avian like appearance, and her clothes seem to turn to feathers in some areas. Nails on both hands and feet turn black and seem a bit more talon like.

Bought off, no longer valid

Matrix Persona

Just as herself, keeping her black eyes, but seemingly normal other than that.

Tastes and Style

Trid Genre: Turkish Gladiator films, fantasy and historical fiction trids in general

Music: Minotaur brass bands, Dwarf Punk, Classical

Food: Kebabs, sometimes

Past Times: Knitting, cooking, bird watching

Media Mentions

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