C-Unit 537 - Hunter

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C-Unit 537
Mage Hunter
Metatype Human
Street Cred 0
Notoriety 0
Public Awareness 0
Titles and Awards 0
D.O.B. 25.06.2049
C-Unit 537-Hunter [2]
Metatype - E
Attributes - B
Magic/Resonance - C
Skills - C
Resources - B

Character Information


Made by MCT to capture their other " Magic Secret Tests" C-Unit 537 did a good job for around 15 Years. One Day something changed inside of him as he was once more ordered to find and capture a Subject. It was a beautiful girl and after he finished the job and the girl was back in her chamber he felt guilty for capturing her, brutally beating her into unconsciousness and just delivering the package back to its owner. He felt in love with the Girl, codenamned "Jolly". She broke out a second time and wasnt brought back. This was five years ago. C-Unit 537 swore to find his love and revenge all the cruelty MCT has brought upon their Test subjects by murdering all MCT-Mages he can find. He named himself "Hunter" a Symbol for every Mage to remember, he was made to kill them and he will do it if they dont cooperate. His unbelivable hatred against Mages became his personal curse as he by himself awakened a year after his breakout. He was no usual Mage, his hate fuled the Magic to manifest itself as Anti-Magic and as an Adversary with which he is constantly arguing about how much he hates him and vice versa. At least in combat they work as a team. Eager to find his love and ready to take on MCT if neccessary he ventures through Seattle and with his profession he quickly became a Shadowrunner, earining him a little Nuyen to survive and keep on searching.


Find Jolly, Kill MCT Mages


Manufactured 30 years ago as a Unit to capture fled Magical Testsubjects from MCT

Narrative Significant Qualities

Run History




Alexey Dorosov [3]




In Character Information

Symbols and Signatures

Matrix Search Table

Shadow Community Table


James Flint (Fake R4)


Body with many many scars


Low cost shirts and Jackets

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