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Roberta "Bobbi" Butt
461px-Bobbi C.jpg
Tribal Bureaucrat (Council Island)
Contact Owner King_Blotto
Connection 6
Public Contact? Yes, 7 RVP
Archetype Shadow Services
Location Council Island, Seattle
Metatype Human
Sex Female
Age 54
Preferred Payment Method Political/Environmental Favors
Hobbies/Vice Science, Research, Politics
Personal Life A key adviser for Energy Policy in the SSC Government
Faction SSC Government


Roberta "Bobbi" Butt was born pre-crash in Vancouver, SSC. She has a distinguished career as a nuclear engineer and has spent time working at facillities all over the NAN. Additionally, she has recently was appointed the chief of staff for the boss of {Insert SSC's equivalent for the Department of Energy}. A true technocrat, she has a pragmatic outlook on life and a deep amibtion to climb the ranks of power. As she's grown older, she realized that better "soft" skills would be necessary to succeed. In true technocratic fashion, she pulled strings to get permits for augmentations, and sometimes gone to the black market for certain wares (NARCO).

It is interesting to note that her family (close and extended) hold the belief that regular augmentation are acceptable in certain circumstances, Geneware is always forbidden. If her NARCO treatment was ever discovered it would result in a severe loss for her both professionally and personally.

Has access to a Chemistry Facility in Tacoma located at the Alliance Fertilizer plant.

She spends time on Council island now, acting as a point of contact for her agency. The NAN is constantly in a period of planning/financing/developing/maintaining different energy projects so she rarely has free time. Thus, she occasionally needs a little help...

Key Dice Pools

Industrial Engineering: 15-17

Chemistry: 15-17

Knowledge: NAN Infrastructure: 18-20

Knowledge: Tribal Customs: 18-20

Stat Block

B A R S W L I C Ess Edge Magic
5 2(3) 1 1(2) 5 6 5 7 2.1 6 None
Condition Monitor 11 Physical / 11 Stun
Limits 4 Physical, 6 Mental, 4 Social
Initiative REA + INT +1d6
Skills Chemistry (Nuclear) 9+2

Industrial Mechanic (Power/Electrical) 9+2

Etiquette 5

Perception 5

Negotiate 0+5

Leadership 0+5

Con 0+5

Language Skills Salish N

English 5

Knowledge Skills NAN Infrastructure (Energy): 9+2

Tribal Customs (SSC): 9+2

Area Knowledge: SSC 5

Augmentations Used R5 Active Hardwires (Con)

Used R5 Active Hardwires (Leadership)

Used R5 Active Hardwires (Negotiate)

Used Gastric Neurostimulator

Used R1 Muscle Replacement

Used R2 Nephritic Screen

Used R3 Tailored Pheromones

R3 Mnemonic Enhancer

Sleep Regulator


Clothing Mortimer Ulysses Coat
Facilities Alliance Fertilizer plant, Tacoma (Chemistry Facility)


Player Characters with this Contact

Name Chips Owed/Owned
Template:Player_Character Even
Squid Even

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