Betty White

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Betty White
Betty White.jpg
Contact Owner Your_Handle
Connection 4
Public Contact? Yes
Archetype Shadow Services
Location Downtown, Seattle
Metatype Dwarf
Sex Female
Age 35
Preferred Payment Method Cold hard Nuyen
Hobbies/Vice watching Detective shows while on zen
Personal Life Married for 4 years
Faction Streets Of Downtown


No nonsense dwarf. Prefers to have as little to do with the Shadows as possible. But tends to do a lot more business with them than is let on But when ever she's off work, she can almost certainly be found either with her hobby group for cars and vehicles, or back home, trying to learn how to fix or even tune her own vehicle

Key Dice Pools

Influence group, 15 Dice (18 if Pheromones applies)

Con 13 Dice (16 if Pheromones applies)

Stat Block

B A R S C I L W Ess Edge
3 3 3 3 7 4 5 5 4.55 5
Condition Monitor 10/11
Limits Physical 4, Mental 7, Social 7(10)
Initiative 7+1d6
Skills Influence group 8, con 6, Intimidation 4
Knowledge Skills English (N). Jury trials 4, Lawyers 6, Criminal trials 6, Judges 4, hobbies 2(+2 Cars), Crime sceen investigation procedures 3
Ware Tailored Pheromones (Used) 3, Olfactory Booster 2, Narco, Genetic Optimization (Cha)
Gear Americar, 17830 Spent on misc things
Weapons None


Player Characters with this Contact

Name Chips Owed/Owned
Mister_Sarcarian Even
Nighthawk Even
Blackwood Even

NPC who know this contact

Facts about "Betty White"
ArchetypeShadow Services +
Connection4 +
FactionStreets Of Downtown +
GenderFemale +
LocationDowntown, Seattle +
MetatypeDwarf +
ProfessionLawyer +