Asuna Inoue

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Asuna Inoue
Antidrek's Waifu and Fixer
Contact Owner Antidrek
Connection 1
Public Contact? Yes (once approved)
Archetype Fixer and Wife
Location Everett, Seattle
Metatype Human
Awakened/Emerged Mundane
Sex Female
Age 23
Preferred Payment Method Service (Free-Labor Jobs)
Hobbies/Vice Family Obligations (Parents)
Personal Life Married to Antidrek


When Asuna Inoue's mother died, her father (Yuske Inoue) decided to move to Seattle and take over as head priest of Everett's Shinto Temple. Unlike her Enchanter father, Asuna is a mundane who turned to technology.


Asuna and Antidrek were childhood friends and sweethearts who married as soon as Asuna turned 18. She is happy both her father and husband are Enchanters, but she has focused on learning technology to trouble shoot all the family tech problems. Afte Antidrek's "accident", she encouraged him to get cyberlimbs to replace his missing ones and helped him get justice against the perpetrator who ran him over. He developed a taste for the thrill of shadowruning (like his parents) and she has taken it on herself to be his fixer to ensure he doesn't take missions that are too dangerous. However, she has to stay home to look after their 2 year old daughter so will never join him in the field.

Key Dice Pools

Biotechnology (Biotech, Cybertech, First Aid, Medicine) - 7 [8]

Electronics (Computers, Hardware, Software) - 11 [8]

Commlink Hardware - 13 [8]

Etiquette - 4 [6]

Stat Block

B A R S C I L W Edge Essence
2 2 2 1 3 5 6 5 2 5.8
Condition Monitor 9 (Physical), 11 (Stun)
Limits Physical (3), Mental (8), Social (6)
Initiative 7+1d6
Skills Biotechnology: 1, Electronics (Hardware:commlinks): 5, Etiquette: 1
Knowledge Skills Japanese: N, English: 6, Area Knowledge [Seattle] (Matrix): 1, Black Market (Seattle): 2, Japanese Culture (Shinto faith): 1, Matrix games; 1
Cyberware Implanted Commlink (Hermes Ikon)
Toolkits Cyberware, Hardware


Player Characters with this Contact

Name Chips Owed/Owned
Antidrek Even

NPC who know this contact

Yuske Inoue

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Fixer +  and Wife +
Female +
Everett, Seattle +
Human +
Antidrek's Waifu +  and Fixer +