Annie Shields

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Annie Shields
Annie Shields.png
Trideo starlet
Contact Owner [Coco]
Connection 4
Public Contact? Yes
Archetype Shadow services
Location Seattle
Metatype Elf
Sex Female
Age 30
Preferred Payment Method Barter/service
Hobbies/Vice Entertainment/Personal grooming
Personal Life Divorced
Faction Independent


Annie Shields is a rising trideo starlet from Seattle, she has starred in a number of trids for various As and AAs. Recently she has started expanding into roles in Horizion hit shows such as Deep love: A under sea archaeology love story and Love love Metahuman high!

She is willing to meet runners at loyalty three and above providing disguises for them or for the right favour to escort them in high society meetings taking the lead to cover for them. If the runner commits a crime in such a situation she will try to cover for them as best as she can but that only goes so far depending on loyalty.

Key Dice Pools

Performance: 17(19) (Acting)

Disguise: 10(12) (Cosmetic)

Etiquette: 15(17) (High society)

Trideo shows: 11

Japanese: 13

Stat Block

Bod Agi Rea Str Cha Int Log Wil Ess Edge
3 3 3 2 9 5 3 3 2.95 5
Condition Monitor [][][][][][][][][][]
Limits Social: 9 Mental: 5 Physical: 4
Initiative 8+1d6
Skills Perception 4, Etiquette 6 (High society, Disguise 5 (Cosmetic), Performance 8 (Acting)
Knowledge Skills English N, High society 6, Entertainment 6, Japanese 8, Trideo shows 6

Cyberware -

Breast implant 2.0 Standard *2

Commlink Standard

Cyberears rating 1 Standard

- Antennae *3

- Audio Analyzer

Cybereyes basic system rating 1 Standard

Datajack Standard

Dream link standard

False face Standard

Olfactory Booster rating 1 Stanard

Simrig Standard

taste Booster rating 1 Standard

Bioware -

Clean Metabolism Standard

Dietware Standard

Gene opt Charisma

Severe Biosculpting Modification (Beautification) Standard

Silky Skin Standard

Tailored Pheromones rating 1 Standard


Simtouch Hosiery

Hammerli 620S

Defiance EX Shocker


Fuchi Cyber X7 Implanted

- Biomonitor

- Receiver

White noise generator rating 6

Simtouch hosiery


Tool kit disguise

Berwick Dress

Argentum coat


Second skin


Player Characters with this Contact

Name Chips Owed/Owned
=SUM Even

NPC who know this contact

Facts about "Annie Shields"
ArchetypeShadow services +
Connection4 +
FactionIndependent +
GenderFemale +
Has nameAnnie Shields +
LocationSeattle +
MetatypeElf +
ProfessionTrideo starlet +