Against All Authority – Silence Is Golden But Duct Tape Is Silver

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Horizon needs two rising BTL producers extracted before the Big Rock Pirates get ahold of them.


The crew all finds themselves at a very swanky bar in Downtown where the Horizon johnson, Ms. Miranda Wolfe, texting away. After everyone is seated, Ms. Wolfe begins her presentation. After some back and forth between Rabbit, Paz, and Skid the team accepts the job for fourteen thousand nuyen, one thousand up front the remaining to be paid after mission complete. The only instruction is to not cause casualties.


The run begins in Puyallup. Ms. Wolfe has arranged for the shadowrunners to take off in a Federated-Boeing PBY-70 “Catalina II” (Amphibious Fixed-Wing Aircraft). Their pilot, Bill, was happy to converse with Rabbit, another Sperethiel speaker. After a rough takeoff and loaded with questionable 'C4' cargo the intrepid team makes a frightening landing in the water. The hurricane is still out at sea, but the sky over Miami is dark, ominous, rainy. The transfer of Skid's vehicle from plane to boat caused some worry, but soon the team was on their way. The team soon finds a safe place set anchor, and they have to find the two BTL producers before the Big Rock Pirates do. Just then off in the distance, large boats with weapon mounts are approaching. The team quickly sets up their sniper rifle and begins firing at the engines. The pirates are immobilized. They do not have any idea what is happening. Our group makes their way to the location where the BTL producers are giving a rock concert to over two people at a house party. Lone Star is there trying to evacuate the mob before the storm hits. The team gets into position. Rabbit breaks down a wooden fence with her monowhip. Paz opens fire on the crowd causing many to scatter. Skid is jumped into a drone and also lends support. Lone Star is overwhelmed by the fleeing punk concertgoers, and soon only the producer's bodyguards remain. The battle is focused and fierce, but the shadowruners can capture the two BTL producers and make their way back to their boat. After sneaking past the stranded pirates, the team makes their way back to Bill the pilot, and his new cargo, hellhounds. The makes it safely back to Seattle and drop off the two producers with Ms. Wolfe.


The two local BTL producers are in Horizon's care. The Big Rock Pirates were caught off guard and unaware. The team receives the rest of their pay when they get back to Seattle.


14000 nuyen, 2 Karma

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